Electricity production company : EDF, the largest European company

When looking for a reliable firm that supplies uninterrupted energy in Europe, EDF comes to mind. Energy supply has become very important, especially during this period. You will need the help of a trustworthy energy production firm to supply your household with electricity. Today, we will look at the largest electricity European company, EDF.

What is EDF?

EDF is an electricity production company owned by French-based investors. They launched their services in 2002 after the mergers of London Electricity PLC, SWEB energy PLC, SEEBOARD, and other fired power stations. When you check this stock exchange guide, you will find out more on how much this energy firm is valued.


Moreover, in 2009 they acquired a nuclear-generating plant in the UK called British Energy. This has made electricity from France the biggest energy firm in the UK.

EDF Tariffs

EDF has numerous tariffs which you can choose from based on energy needs. If you have a small home, you can purchase some tariffs.

Moreover, for those seeking a fixed rate, or tariff, there are some great plans you could key into. If you are paying via credit or debit card, you qualify for some discounts.

EDF tariff options

Here are some great options offered by this production firm:


The easy online tariff is a year fixed tariff which is cheap. This tariff plan is entirely managed online and can be paid for online.

EDF three-year plan

The EDF 3-year tariff protects you from fluctuating prices in the long run. What makes this attractive is that, you can pay one lump sum and forget about paying for the next three years.

EDF variable rate

This is an energy tariff in which consumers are protected by an Olgem price cap. This cap means that even if there is a need to increase rates, you aren’t affected. You want trade EDF, check this site.

EV tariff

This EDF tariff is for owners of electric cars. The price you pay for this tariff depends on your car brand and your mode of payment.

Total service Tariff

This is a fixed tariff that offers customers the chance to pay the same price for electricity for a full year. What this implies is that even when energy prices go up, they won’t affect you.

Types of electricity generation by EDF

EDF energy company offers different types of energy:


When British energy was acquired in 2009, EDF heard about nuclear power stations. These stations include:

  • Hunterston
  • Hinkley point B
  • Dungeness B
  • Tirness
  • Heysham 1
  • Heysham 2
  • Hartlepool
  • ```

All these power stations have about 10,000 MW of installed capacity.


In 2021, EDF owned about 38 wind farms and 69 turbines at Dorenell in Scotland. They are building other ones around the coding wind park in Ireland. In the future, they are expected to have more than 25 turbines in Farm fan Fach, Wales.

Solar energy

EDF builds and operates several solar projects. They have Sutton beige which is a grid-scale farm and will use 138 hectares. In 2019, EDF signed an agreement to develop solar panels for multiple Tesco stores.

Fossil fuel

The EDF production company owns and operates a 2500 MW coal power station known as West Burton. This power station can be found near Retford, Nottinghamshire.

Does EDF supply Green energy?

EDF is the biggest supplier of low-carbon power in Europe. They are your ideal choice if you want a green energy supplier. It provides a combination of wind, nuclear, solar, and low-carbon energy.

Customers will also get a power vault if they want to store their energy. This vault is like a battery storage system that can be installed in your house. This allows it to store energy via solar panels which you can use in your houses and your electric cars.

EDF economy 7 rates

The EDF economy 7 rates are designed to give customers flexible options when using electronics at hiked prices. When you get these EDF meters, your charges are based on peak and off-peak electricity rate.

However, due to technological advancements, these meters are no longer available. Rather, what you get is a standard meter, prepayment meter, and smart meter. Those who still use the economy meter can contact EDF to switch meters.

When seeking a reliable Electricity production company in Europe, EDF is the best. They have multiple options which are designed to suit your needs and are affordable.